How much time on mobile is okay for my child?

How much time on mobile is okay for my child?

Mobile phones has changed the world that we live in. It has made us very accessible to each other. It has also resolved a lot of issues relating to organizing and communication. Any technology used in the right manner can get us very positive results. If the same technology is abused it can be very harmful to our minds. We have to understand the difference between what is use and what is abuse of mobile phones.

Mobile phones can adversely affect the brain of a small child. Even though its is a great help in restaurants or public places where the child is acting up it is a short term relief. The long-term effect of this temporary solution can adversely affect your child’s brain. How? For starters – it causes a chemical imbalance in the brain of the child. There are certain chemicals or hormones which are called “happiness hormones” inside the brain. The main function of these hormones is to regulate the sense of well being and happiness inside the mind. Every time the we do something that is good for the brain and the body (like exercising or passing a test with good marks) there is a release or a “hit” of this happy hormone in the brain. The level of happy hormones lowers and comes back to average naturally in sometime. This keeps us motivated to repeat actions that are good for our brain and body. Also most of this actions need lots of efforts and patience so getting addicted to them in highly unlikely. Mobile phones cause addiction. How? Mobile phones trick the brain into releasing happiness hormones through virtual reality.  So although we have not achieved anything in the real world there is a steady flow of neurotransmitters or happy hormones in the brain. There is no motivation left to take positive actions in the real world. The virtual reality (of online games) becomes more appealing to the human brain. This leads to addiction towards mobile phones.

Hence its essential that we do not give mobile to our children when they throw a tantrum. Make an easy customized entertainment kit for your child when you are going out. Pack a small backpack with any 2 or 3 of the following options – color pencils and coloring books, comics, puzzles, jenga, travel size board games (like scrabble or chinese checkers),play dough, a blank notepad and pencils (to play x and o), dolls or male figurines. You can always make them wash their hands before eating in the restaurant. Your child can choose and pick what they like to put in the bag. These methods may not completely wipe off the mobile time immediately but this will reduce the child’s dependency on the mobile to a great extent.

Research shows that mobile addiction causes depression, anxiety and even severe anger management issues among adults and children.

Getting your child off the mobile is a skill that needs practice and patience but has equally healthy, wonderful and long-term rewards.



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