Weight loss and the Right Size

Weight loss and the Right Size

Weight loss. The topic that is trending in all ladies conversations. Women of all regions, classes and even nationalities are fighting this ruthless war against ‘fat’. We all have that one jeans, shirt, kurta or any other piece of clothing that we all one day hope to fit into.

I wonder when did all this start. I don’t remember any of my friends complaining that they were too fat or too thing when I was in school. We were a little conscious during teenage but weight was never an ‘huge problem’ those days. We all ate at home, played in the evening studied at night. We had issues like ‘mummy loves my brother or sister more’ or ‘why cant I stay overnight at my friends house’ or ‘why cant I have buy the that thing that I want’. ‘I am overweight’ was a non issue.

I remember that my masi, nani, dadi, chachi, kaki and even my mother , that time, were slightly plump, very active and very healthy. They were always so full of life. They could easily manage all the work (including bartan, jhadu pocha) all by themselves if the bai did not come. They cooked twice daily and some of the mothers even worked full time. They still have tremendous stamina to work. The one thing common with all these women is that they were and are very happy with their bodies, no matter shape size or weight.

Hmm.. so the question… when did it start? It all started when someone somewhere in a foreign country said that ‘fat’ was bad and that you simply cannot be happy with the way you look! They also backed up this interesting find by a research that they did on a bunch of unhappy women. This research showed a direction connection between unhappiness, health problems and fat. (If we are happy and content with our body who will by the ‘product’?) Then a beautiful slim girl cam along smiling and convinced us to use the ‘product’ to lose weight and become happy.

The funny part is that when we too took it to heart and decided to lose weight and got on all sorts of juices and crash diets and fat-free products we actually became a cranky lot!. Yes!.. and dare someone take a panga with us on that ‘first day’ of chums! Hell break loose. Our Dadi’s generation never had such problems!

I have finally realized the sheer stupidity of staying hungry and torturing the body. I know its smarter to eat nutritious meals, exercise daily and be very happy with how I look and most important my body. It important that every woman loves and accepts her body. Maintain it and keep it fit and nurture it. Not crash diet and kill it!

So all you beautiful ladies cut on the junk, eat good healthy home-cooked food and exercise daily. Just be fit. As long as you have all the energy and stamina for your work its all good. You don’t need a product to define your happiness. Your t-shirt size has absolutely nothing to do with your beauty. To hell with all the judgement. You look just beautiful.. any skin, any size, any age. Look at yourself from the eyes of your little child or your beloved. Someone who loves you unconditionally.. they will tell you the same!


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