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FAQs about Marriage Counseling

All your questions pertaining to Marriage Counseling are answered here

What should I expect from Marriage Counselling?

Marriage counselling is a process where the counselor will work on the various aspects of your relationship.

To give a quick and brief answer

  • You will gain more understanding of yourself and your partner including the personality differences.
  • You will gain understanding of the needs and expectations of your relationship.
  • Develop better communication skills to interact better with your partner
  • Learn to resolve your problems and reconcile in positive manner.

What if  my partner refuses to attend marriage counseling sessions?

You can come by yourself.  You will benefit by learning more about your feelings, and behavior in the relationship and work towards a solution. Even if one of the partners works on the relationship, still things and situations can change for the better.

What should I expect in each session?

The counselor will help the couple in individual and joint sessions in order to resolve problems in  relationship and marriage. Each and every session is intended to have a key takeaway to move ahead positively for the next session.

Does taking Marriage counseling mean that I or my partner have mental disorders.

Not at all and it is very wrong to generalize. A couple requiring Marriage Counselling may be just because there is a situation in their life which is not getting resolved by the couples themselves and they require a mediator to resolve it for them. Sometimes it may be a deeper issue which requires a trained person to find a solution.

Does marriage counseling mean that the couple has to stay in the marriage and not separate or divorce? 

No. Marriage counseling is the right way forward. It does not mean that the solution is to stay in the marriage. The solution may also be to go separate ways. The Counselor is the trained person who can help the couple move ahead in life positively.

What is pre-marital counseling? 

As the name suggests Pre-Marital counseling is the couples counselling before they tie the knot. There are many fears that the nature of the relationship may change after marriage and questions about possible lifestyle restrictions.  There are also some uncomfortable subjects where the counselor comes as a help to resolve these issues.

Does my partner and I always need attend sessions together?

No. The best way to help partners improve their relationships is through a combination of individual and couple sessions. Individually, the therapist will help you and your partner focus on the changes that you each need to make. In couple sessions, the therapist will be requiring of you to ensure that you will make the changes.

Does the therapist decide what path should be taken forward in the marriage?

The therapist will help you to discover the way forward. The therapist will help you understand the situation and gain clarity about how you feel towards your partner. The Therapist will not take the decisions for you, he/she will help you with difficult emotions, mental blocks. He/She will be a catalyst in the process of helping you arrive to a decision.

Do I have to be married to come to couple therapy?

No. Marriage is not mandatory to book a session for relationship counseling or couple therapy. Couples who are dating or are in a girl friend- boyfriend relationship, a live-in relationship or any other relationship status can attend couple therapy/relationship counseling.

Does marriage counseling also address problems related to sexual intimacy?

Problems related to sexual intimacy are frequently related to lack of emotional intimacy. These problems are very well discussed in marriage/relationship counseling. However problems like  sexual dysfunction or fetishism are not a part of couple counseling. Sexologist or clinical psychologist are the right people to help and guide an individual facing such problems.

What is the success percentage or success rate of marriage counseling?

Marriage and relationships require emotional and mental investment on a regular basis. Marriage counseling helps the couple to work through the problems and sort differences and give a fresh start to the relationship, however it is important that the couple nurtures and values the marriage/relationship post counseling as well. Also nature of problems and the way people feel may change with time hence it depends on a lot many other factors.

How many sessions does it usually take?

The number of sessions depend on the factors like the number of issues, intensity of issues, personalities of the partners etc. On an average couples requires approximately 10-12 sessions, however it may vary due to the factors mentioned above.

How do I know that we need need marriage counseling?

The best person to decide whether you need marriage counseling is you. Only you can decide if you want to try out a marriage counseling session. Sometimes its helpful to talk it out with a neutral, non-judgmental third person and get a fresh perspective. Counseling helps if the couples are having patterns of same and repetitive argument whenever they try and resolve it between themselves. Talking to friends or relatives may not help as there is a possibility of a biased opinion and lack of expertise in dealing with certain issues. Marriage counseling helps in such situations.

How long does a marriage counseling session last?

A counseling session typically lasts for one hour.

How often do I have to come for therapy?

Couple therapy usually happens once a week. Although you may book a session in between if an urgent or important issue comes up which you want to discuss immediately.

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