Timings and Fees

COUNSELLING charges for 1 session (1 Hour) –

For Individual Counselling  – 2000 INR per session.

For Couple Counselling – 2000 INR per session.

We conduct counselling sessions on phone and Skype as well.

COACHING charges  (ICF approved methods) for 1 session (1hour) is 5000 INR.

We conduct coaching sessions on phone and Skype as well.

Time slots for sessions for Tuesday to Friday – 01:00 pm to 07:00 pm

Time slots for sessions for Saturday and Sunday  – 03:00 pm to 6:00 pm

(Monday closed)

Please specify what service you are opting for (i.e coaching or counselling) at the time of booking the session.

Payment has to be made during the session by Cash.

Go Cashless – Payment can be made through Bank Wire Transfer minimum one day in advance.

You can book the slot online (on Home page) or by placing a call on 8291085421.

How do the sessions work?

In your first session, the therapist typically will ask certain questions about you and your life. This information helps her make an initial assessment of your situation.

The number of sessions depends on the depth, nature and the seriousness of the problem.

The sessions are usually conducted once or twice a week for the first couple of weeks or more.

Continuity of sessions and diligent adherence to the therapy is crucial for achieving positive result.

Please arrive on time as the sessions cannot extend beyond the designated slot time.

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